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1Gb PoE 4K60 4:4:4 Dante AV-A Encoder

  • Newest iteration of Dante compatible video solutions.

  • 4K60 4:4:4 video encoding and decoding.

  • Video, Audio, IR & RS-232 signal routing through Dante software tools

  • Adds two channels of Dante audio that are interoperable with any Dante-enabled device.

  • Works on common 1Gbps networks, avoiding cost and complexity of 10Gb solutions.

  • Low latency (1 frame/16ms) perfect for IMAG and in room video distribution. 

  • HDCP 2.2 support including compatibility with HDCP2.3 devices.

  • Device monitoring through Dante Director & Domain Manager.

  • Backed by a 5-Year Product Warranty

  • Can be mixed with JP4-60 Series non-Dante devices.

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Netvio stands out in the networked AV landscape, transcending traditional standards with its pioneering ContentPlus+ approach to multi-stream video encoding since 2020. While competitors offer single-stream solutions, Netvio's innovation sets it apart. For over a decade, Dante has been the premier technology platform for top-tier audio distribution, leading the industry's transition from analog to digital. Audinate's efforts have brought all devices onto a cost-efficient 1Gb Network standard, enhancing scalability and functionality while reducing the complexities and costs of analog cabling. Historically, video devices operated separately from the Dante ecosystem. However, this changes with the introduction of Dante Video, particularly with the latest AV-A platform, alongside Ultra and AV-H already in the market. In a strategic alliance with Audinate, Netvio fully embraces this new standard in audio and video compatibility through the launch of Netvio’s JP4-60-DNT series encoders and decoders. The DNT devices ensure top-tier video quality up to 4K60 4:4:4 resolution, with independently routable audio and video flows, facilitating compatibility with installed DSPs, amplifiers, or speakers. Their ultra-low video latency ensures natural interactions for in-room video distribution while guaranteeing clock synchronization in a distributed environment. Used in two distinctive modes, the DNT encoders and decoders can operate exclusively within Dante’s new AV-A managed solution or be part of a traditional Netvio-based configuration workflow.

One Product, Two Personalities

Netvio's JP4-60-DNT encoders and decoders have multi-modes according to project requirements. Deployed as a part of smaller Netvio managed solution or cloud managed by the latest Dante AV-A software and tools, the JP4-60-DNT series is a versatile product operating in two differing worlds.

Netvio Mode

Netvio Mode is an extension to a conventional AVoIP project, adding JP-DNT devices to enable Dante streaming capabilities. System configuration is managed by Netvio360, with encoder & decoder control using IP-JP4-CL-10.

AV-A Mode

AV-A is the newest video management platform by Dante. In contrast to Netvio Mode, Dante AV-A is managed and controlled exclusively by familar Audinate software tools including Controller, Domain Manager where value add features such as remote access are inclusive.


Netvio ContentPlus+ revolutionizes distribution with advanced multi-stream encoders, enabling seamless delivery of high-quality, low-bandwidth content across devices and platforms using real-time-stream-protocol (RTSP).

Pixel Perfection

A video quality of 4K 4:4:4 signifies a high level of detail and precision in color representation. This specification denotes full chroma subsampling, ensuring that every pixel retains its complete color information, ideal for large screen formats or close-up detail.

Sixty Hertz

A 60Hz higher frame rate enhances the viewing experience, especially in fast-paced scenes, gaming, and multimedia content, resulting in more lifelike and fluid motion on-screen.

Ultra Low Latency

Sub frame Ultra-low latency is a necessity rather than a luxury for many applications including live sports, Sports, Real-time monitoring, surveillance, remote operation and collaborative environmnets. 

Clock Synchronization

Routing audio and video with genlock precision enhances the user experience while providing integrators with the tools and confidence to deliver highly synchronized solutions for demanding applications.

Mixed Capability

Dante compatible encoders and decoders are part of the JP4-60 series family. This provides the ability to mix Dante and Non-Dante encoders and decoders within the same network design..

Dante Certification Level 1

3.0 CTS, CTS-D or CTS-I RUs

Dante Certification Level 1 provides an introduction to the Dante platform. It offers fundamental knowledge on digital audio, digital video, basic network and how to setup a basic Dante network using Dante Controller. This course provides enough knowledge to operate a Dante system in daisy chain mode or on a single network switch.

Dante Certification Level 2

3.0 CTS, CTS-D or CTS-I RUs

Dante Certification Level 2 offers a deeper explanation of how to create larger networks. This class offers insights on how much bandwidth is used, how to manage it, basic optimization and factors if you wish to chase an external clock. Level 2 is helpful when working on systems that will involve multiple network switches.

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