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Join the dots

Netvio's APP Builder software uses a unique interface, allowing users to move representative devices and draw connections. This simple interaction creates visually engaging AV interfaces, downloadable to user devices like phones or tablets.

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The template-driven software allows customization, enabling customer images in zone menus and the addition of logos and branding for a personal touch. This flexibility enhances the interface's personalization options.

Create Groups

Grouping devices transforms the user interface, establishing a front-end navigation menu for simplified control in large systems with multiple zones. This enhances the user experience when managing complex setups.

QR Code

Following a quick App Builder process, each user device updates via a simple QR scan. Users can customize their devices, granting different access to zones or devices, ensuring personalized control.

Audio Integration

Netvio is designed for audio, offering a unified interface for both audio and video. Supporting audio brands, users can add them to the screen, drawing connections that intelligently update the user interface design.

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