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Standard on all JP4 Series

Enables delivery of 4K60 HDR content over a standard 1Gb network with simultaneous real-time-stream-protocol (RTSP) for wider distribution applications including livestreaming, embedded content, video management & software-based decoding. 

Embedded Streams

NetvioGo Control seamlessly embeds live content in a user-interface application, adaptable to various 3rd party control system as touch panels.

Device Streaming

Real-time stream preview, commonly found in IP cameras, is now available for AV content distribution through Netvio. RTSP offers more options, integrations, and applications compared to basic AV distribution.

Digital Signage

Netvio enables live streaming services for digital signage layouts. Most digital signage solutions accept RTSP, allowing the integration of marketing content with live events, meeting venue and guest expectations.

APP Decoding

In certain applications, Netvio doesn't require a traditional decoder. The RTSP stream can be decoded using app-based solutions, whether integrated into a wired or wireless network setup.

Live Streaming

The RTSP feed from each encoder can be directed to various live content streaming platforms, expanding beyond traditional venue distribution capabilities.

Video Management

Harnessing the HDMI output of a device running such software, users can efficiently redistribute content through Netvio JP4 and JP4-60 AVoIP solutions, enhancing monitoring experiences on large format displays.

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