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1Gb 4K60 HDR, 2K30 Multi-Stream Encoder

  • 1Gb 4K60 HDR PoE Encoder

  • 2K30 Low Bandwidth Real-time-stream-protocol (RTSP) including stereo audio

  • Connected device control via IR, RS-232-CEC

  • ContentPlus+ distribution modes, including:

    • Embed live content to digital signage platforms.

    • High-quality 2K30 audio-video decoding through wired and wireless applications (VLC)

    • Personal device streaming with audio and source control using the Netvio Go-AV Control App

    • Capture live content seamlessly for internet broadcasting using live production software.

    • Embedding live content into control interfaces, including Netvio Go-AV Control

  • Analog & Digital Audio encoding (including ARC/eARC routing)

  • Alternative audio content overlay

4K60 Banner v6.png

The latest 4K60 4:4:4 solution by Netvio provides the ultimate viewing experience ideal for todays larger screen formats or close content viewing applications. Delivering pixel-for-pixel quality, JP4-60 adds faster switching, lower latency and smoother synchronized switching. Netvio excels in networked AV, pioneering multi-stream video encoding to outpace industry norms. Its multi-stream AVoIP solutions flawlessly deliver 4K60 content over a standard 1Gb network, ensuring ultra-low latency and genlock synchronization among displays. Introducing an innovative layer, Netvio includes a unique 2K30 stream called ContentPlus+. This feature, utilizing Real-time Stream Protocol (RTSP), enables simultaneous streaming to diverse applications like digital signage, live streaming platforms, and wireless software decoding, including mobile devices via the NetvioGo AV-Control application. Netvio's solutions boast compatibility with various control systems and networking products, providing a comprehensive, versatile AV experience.


Netvio ContentPlus+ revolutionizes distribution with advanced multi-stream encoders, enabling seamless delivery of high-quality, low-bandwidth content across devices and platforms using real-time-stream-protocol (RTSP).

Pixel Perfection

A video quality of 4K 4:4:4 signifies a high level of detail and precision in color representation. This specification denotes full chroma subsampling, ensuring that every pixel retains its complete color information, ideal for large screen formats or close-up detail.

Sixty Hertz

A 60Hz higher frame rate enhances the viewing experience, especially in fast-paced scenes, gaming, and multimedia content, resulting in more lifelike and fluid motion on-screen.

Ultra Low Latency

Sub frame Ultra-low latency is a necessity rather than a luxury for many applications including live sports, Sports, Real-time monitoring, surveillance, remote operation and collaborative environmnets. 

Clock Synchronization

Routing audio and video with genlock precision enhances the user experience while providing integrators with the tools and confidence to deliver highly synchronized solutions for demanding applications.

Need Dante?

Dante compatible encoders and decoders are part of the JP4-60 series family. This provides the ability to mix Dante and Non-Dante encoders and decoders within the same network design..

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