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Audio Extender

  • Dedicate Audio Return Extender over Category cable.

  • 96kHz upto 150m (495ft)

  • 192kHz upto 90m (295ft)

  • Uses embedded HDMI or SPDIF connections

  • Supports CEC remote pass-thru allowing original equipment remote use.

  • W: 90m D: 72mm H: 20mm per device

  • Each device powered by PSU with R/A power connector.


Essential accessory to integrate display audio into multi-room amplifier solutions or to extended audio to a centralized AVR.

ARC over Distance

A solution that enables seamless transmission of Audio Return Channel (ARC) content from compatible displays to an amplifier located up to 150 meters away using Cat6 cable. This device eliminates the limitations of traditional ARC setups, allowing for flexible audio distribution within a larger installation space.

CEC Pass-Thru

In addition to supporting high-quality audio formats, the EX-ARC-150-10 also features CEC pass-through functionality. This enables system users to utilize their original equipment remote controls, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Dolby & DTS Support

The versatile EX-ARC-150-10 from Netvio supports both Dolby and DTS 5.1 audio formats, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of audio systems. This capability allows for seamless transmission of high-quality surround sound, enhancing the immersive audio experience in AV installations that require extra cable distance.

Works with Sonos

The EX-ARC-150-10 is an ideal accessory for the Sonos Amp, enabling the seamless transmission of audio content from compatible displays. This device utilizes Cat6 cable or similar types of cables to transport the audio signal, ensuring reliable and efficient connectivity between the displays and the Sonos amplifier.

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