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Why you should be using Multi-Stream AVoIP & forgetting the rest.....

Updated: May 10

Unlocking the Power of Multi-Stream AVoIP: Why Netvio Leads the Way

Since its pioneering introduction of multi-stream AVoIP in 2021, Netvio has remained at the forefront of innovation in the field. Now, in 2024, Netvio proudly announces the launch of two groundbreaking AVoIP solutions: IP-JP4-60 and IP-JP4-60-DNT, both integrating cutting-edge multi-stream technologies.

Netvio Multi-Stream AVoIP Encoders

But what exactly is multi-stream?

The large majority of AVoIP solutions on the market produce a higher bandwidth signal used to deliver the main viewing experience upto 4K60 over a 1Gb standard PoE network. Often, there is a low framerate preview stream used in configuration software and lower quality user applications.

Netvio meets expectations of peer competition but adds a whole new design layer with the addition of a dedicated middle bandwidth H.264/265 stream capable of delivering a high quality, high refresh rate 1920x1080 together with stereo audio.

More Features, More Margin, Same Cost

While 4K HDR content distribution remains a cornerstone of today's market, the real question is: What more can your solution offer without inflating project costs? Traditional content distribution methods, confined to fixed display locations, no longer suffice in meeting evolving end-user expectations and limit system integrators in what they can offer and charge clients.


Enter Netvio's multi-stream solutions, unlocking a new realm of flexibility and scalability under the banner of ContentPlus+.


Encompasses a suite of additional content distribution modes, granting unparalleled adaptability and scalability. Simply put, ContentPlus+ empowers users to stream high-quality 1920x1080 content to any software or hardware compatible with real-time-stream-protocol (RTSP).


RTSP, utilized across a diverse array of applications, facilitates content delivery to live webcasting software, digital signage players and smart devices with video decoding applications like VLC. This opens doors to wireless transmission and decoder-less displays, offering a seamless and dynamic viewing experience.


ContentPlus+ Applications

For further insights into ContentPlus+, please refer to the following link:

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