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Are you using Blaze Audio Amplifiers? If so, you need to read this.......

Updated: May 10

Blaze Audio & Video Control with NetvioGo

Netvio is always pushing the boundaries, especially in the realm of value-added and inclusive features within its range of HDMI content distribution solutions.

In 2021, the initial version of NetvioGo was launched, a free application that transcended basic video switching apps by introducing control of connected media sources, displays, and videowalls. Over the past three years, Netvio has continued to invest in its free-to-market application, now adding control of several prestige audio partners, including Blaze Audio.

NetvioGo intentionally does not position itself as a traditional control system, placing much more emphasis on cost-down engineering and simplicity. However, as development progresses, Netvio's free-to-market application is increasingly capable of replacing traditional control solutions for a wider array of applications.

Blaze Audio products have been incorporated into the supported device database, which includes Connect models such as 122, 252, 254, 504, 508, 1002, 1008, 1502, 2004, 3004, 4008, and 6008.

Netvio AppBuilder Software

Netvio's groundbreaking software, serves as a precursor to NetvioGo, providing integrators with the ability to create the control app within a programming-free environment. Instead, the process revolves around dragging audio-visual components onto a free-draw designed canvas.

Integrators can now establish audio connections between Netvio Video devices and Blaze products, with AppBuilder simultaneously constructing the NetvioGo app. In short, a control app can be developed in minutes, rather than consuming hours of programming time and associated costs.


The system is laid out visually, and each user device, including tablets and phones, can be updated using a simple QR code scan, ensuring ease of use.

Sometimes, you just don’t need a control system.

For certain applications where a simpler and more cost-effective control system is needed, Netvio stands out as the industry-leading free-to-market control application, offering more functions than any other free application.


With Blaze integration, NetvioGo can seamlessly control multi-amplifier, multi-zone venues, all within a simple interface. This interface allows for comprehensive video system control, media source management, display configuration, and video wall operation.

From an integrator's perspective, all the mentioned features are included as free onboard tools within Netvio's content distribution solutions, whether AVoIP or HDBaseT.


For system users, this translates to a visually stunning control interface where everything is accessible at the touch of a finger.


To learn more about Netvio's end-to-end solutions, please visit the following link:

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