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Does Plug & Play AVoIP Really Exist today?

Maybe it does Exist!

Netvio has built it's business on the foundation of making AV a less complicated. It all started in 2021 with its innovative approach to unified configuration software crossing platform boundaries.

For almost a decade, the industry relied upon plug and play solutions such as HDBaseT with dedicated cross point matrix switches requiring minimum set-up. More recently, due to increased demands on video systems, AVoIP have become more popular due to it's more flexible and scalable approach.

With obvious benefits, integrators were faced with learning a totally new discipline facing terms such as VLans, IGMP snooping and Jumbo frames. For all AVoIP brands, Network set-up poses the largest demand on technical support departments.

Netvio in pursuit of simplified complexity set about a solution to make AVoIP as easy as HDBaseT. The result is a 4-step process, ideal for projects using 45 devices or less and release of Netvio IP Series 1Gb PoE Switches.

Steps 1 & 2

Connect IP-JP4-CL-10 controller to your IP-SW Series switch following labelled ports.

Step 3

Can your IP-SW Series switch to your primary network.

Step 4

Using your Netvio360 software, ensuring you are connected to the primary network, select all discovered TX devices, selected Network on the bottom menu bar. The final step us to switch on the function for Netvio IP-SW Switches.


No VLans, no metion of IGMP snooping or Jumbo frames, just a few steps to your Netvio AVoIP solution up and running.

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