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The Perfect Blend: Netvio and Cloud Electronics Ltd. join Forces for Integrated Audio-Video Solution


In an era where seamless integration of audio and video technologies is becoming increasingly important, Netvio, a leading video hardware and software company, has partnered with Cloud Electronics Ltd., the UK's specialist in paging, audio zone routing, amplification, and mixer amplifiers.

This collaboration brings together the expertise of both companies to offer a comprehensive solution that combines audio and video functionalities. With the expansion of Netvio's control application, users can now enjoy full 2-Way integration of Cloud products, providing a unified user interface for scalable video solutions and multi-amplifier, paging, and mic control, all within a simple end-user application for Apple and Android devices.

Unifying Audio and Video:

By utilizing Netvio's control application, integrators can achieve a streamlined and efficient control experience for end-users without the need for complex setups or extensive training. The user-friendly interface of the application ensures that end-users can easily navigate and operate the audio and video functionalities, resulting in a hassle-free experience and reduction of support calls caused by more complex control systems.

Additionally, it is worth noting that the Netvio control application, which now includes full 2-Way integration of Cloud products, is available to users free of charge. This means that customers who have invested in Netvio's HT2 Matrix and JP4 Series AVoIP products can leverage the power of the Netvio control platform without incurring any additional costs.

The availability of a free control application is a significant advantage, particularly for integrators and end-users that require a cost-effective solution without compromising on functionality.

While more expensive mainstream control systems may offer a wider range of features, they often come with a higher level of complexity that may not be necessary for every application or end-user. Netvio's control platform provides a serious alternative by offering a simplified yet powerful solution that meets the requirements of a broad range of users and applications.

You can download your free Netvio (Go) Control application at The application includes various demo modes which can be used to experience the various user applications, which can work without connecting to a live system. If you haven't already downloaded, make you sure you do it today!

Netvio's Expertise in Video Hardware and Software:

Since launching in 2021, Netvio has provided innovative products that cater to a wide range of industries and applications. With their deep understanding of video technology, Netvio has developed scalable video solutions that enable integrators to deploy flexible and high-quality video systems. By partnering with Cloud Electronics Ltd., Netvio can now offer a more comprehensive solution that incorporates audio capabilities, creating a unified and seamless audio-video experience.

Cloud Electronics Ltd.'s Specialization in Audio Solutions:

Cloud Electronics Ltd. has a strong reputation as the UK's leading specialist in audio zone routing, amplification, mixer amplifiers, and paging systems. With their expertise in audio technology, Cloud Electronics Ltd. has delivered reliable and high-performance audio solutions for various sectors, including commercial, industrial, and public spaces. By joining forces with Netvio, they can expand their reach and provide customers with an all-encompassing audio-video solution.

The Benefits of the Partnership:

The partnership between Netvio and Cloud Electronics Ltd. brings numerous benefits to end-users, system integrators, and resellers alike. By integrating Netvio's video solutions with Cloud Electronics Ltd.'s audio expertise, customers can enjoy:

1. Simplified Control: The unified user interface of the expanded Netvio control application allows users to control both video and audio systems seamlessly. This simplifies the control process and reduces the learning curve associated with managing separate interfaces.

2. Addition to Netvio's Eco System: Cloud devices are now available within the Netvio Go configuration software. Joining the many devices where a simple drag 'n' drop process automatically configures high quality user interfaces and control APIs.

3. Winning the total project: It's possible to win the total project value including both audio, video and control parts, whereas previously the revenues where split between multiple brands, distributors and integrators.

4. Improved User Experience: By providing a unified control interface for audio and video functionalities, the partnership enhances the overall user experience. Users can effortlessly switch between audio and video controls, facilitating a more immersive and interactive experience. Well-designed interfaces increase end-user engagement and reduce support calls.


The partnership between Netvio and Cloud Electronics Ltd. represents a significant advancement in the integration of audio and video technologies. By combining Netvio's expertise in video hardware and software with Cloud Electronics Ltd.'s specialization in audio solutions, customers now have access to a comprehensive and unified audio-video solution.

The expanded Netvio control application offers full 2-Way integration of Cloud products, enabling seamless control and management of multi-amplifier, paging, and mic control alongside scalable video solutions. With this partnership, Netvio and Cloud Electronics Ltd. have set a new standard in value engineering for integrated audio-video solutions, ensuring a harmonious and immersive experience for users across a wide range of industries.

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