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Netvio's Success at InfoComm 2023: Expanding Partnerships and North American Sales Channels.

The renowned technology exhibition, InfoComm 2023, held in Orlando this June 2023, proved to be a resounding success for Netvio, a leading innovator in video signal distribution, software and control applications.

Netvio's debut at this prestigious event not only garnered significant attention but also laid the foundation for several exciting developments in the company's growth trajectory.

Netvio's Managing Director, Derek Hulbert, states "in terms of return-on-investment, this has been by far the most successful show in over 10-years of attending these types of events - thank-you to everyone that visited and supported us".

In this blog post, we'll explore the highlights of Netvio's participation at InfoComm 2023, their partnership with Custom Audio Distributors (CAD), collaboration with Cloud Electronics, and their expanding distribution network.

Debut at InfoComm 2023:

Netvio made an impressive debut at InfoComm 2023, showcasing their cutting-edge multi-video signal distribution, software and control applications.. The event provided an ideal platform for industry professionals, technology enthusiasts, and potential partners to witness firsthand the capabilities and potential of Netvio's innovative products and software. The overwhelmingly positive response from attendees further solidified Netvio's as an increasily creditable and alternative solutions providers, compared with existing solutions in the market,

Collaboration with Commercial Audio Distribution (CAD):

Building upon their successful InfoComm debut, Netvio is delighted to announce their partnership with Custom Audio Distributors (CAD), a reputable company based in Utah. CAD has established itself as a key player in the distribution of professional audio products and has an impressive track record of representing top-tier manufacturers including UK's Clould Technologies, a leader in audio zone routing, amplification, mixer amplifiers, and paging systems . By appointing CAD as their distributor, Netvio gains access to a well-established network, expertise, and industry knowledge, all of which will contribute to their continued success. CAD are now able to offer a full systems solution encompassing audio, video, software and control.

Further information can be found at:

Enhancements in Multi-Zone Audio Control:

In collaboration with CAD, Netvio has been working closely with Cloud Electronics. Together, they have focused on making significant enhancements in multi-zone audio control, initially targeting Cloud's range of professional audio products. This collaboration brings together Netvio's expertise in video and control technology and Cloud Electronics' cutting-edge audio solutions, resulting in improved functionality, ease of use, and unparalleled audio quality for customers.

Picture showing Netvio's JP4 AVoIP Series, Configuration Software, Control Applications and Clouds DCM-1e Amplifier.

Expansion of Sales Representatives:

Following InfoComm 2023, Netvio, with the support of CAD, has appointed a diverse team of top-quality sales representatives to cover major territories across the United States. These representatives bring a wealth of experience, industry knowledge, and a deep understanding of the market dynamics, enabling Netvio to provide localized support and strengthen their relationships with customers throughout the country. This expansion ensures that Netvio's products reach a wider audience and facilitates better customer service. Contact and territory information available at:

Exclusive Distributor Agreement with Contact Distribution:

Netvio is pleased to announce an exclusive distributor agreement with Contact Distribution, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Contact Distribution has a 35 year history on being professional audio specialists offering technical support and product application assistance for their network of authorized dealers which range from retailers and installation contractors to the nation's production companies.

Despite a very competitive Canadian video market, Netvio is thrilled to be Contact Distributions’ choice in video networked products with the decision firmly based on the simplistic approach to complex video and control scenarios. Arguably the market leader in delivering some of the country’s most complex fibre optic audio networks, Contact is well positioned to present Netvio as an extremely practical platform with vast savings in implementation programming costs coupled with highest level technical performance and ultra simplified ownership operation.

This strategic partnership will enable Netvio to extend its market reach into Canada, leveraging Contact Distributor's well-established network and extensive experience in the region. This collaboration represents an important milestone for Netvio as they expand their global footprint and offer their innovative video signal distribution, software and control to a broader customer base.

Further information can be found at:


Netvio's participation at InfoComm 2023 marked a significant turning point for the company, catapulting them to new heights of success and setting the stage for future growth.

The partnership with Commercial Audio Distributors and the collaboration with Cloud Electronics have already started bearing fruit, with enhancements in multi-zone audio control technology. Additionally, the expansion of Netvio's sales representatives and the exclusive distributor agreement with Contact Distributor further solidify their position as a leading player in the audio control industry. With a strong network of partners, an expanding distribution reach, and a commitment to innovation, Netvio is poised to shape the future of multi-zone audio control systems


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