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Netvio Extender Range



EX-ARC-150-10--Renders 1.png


Common sense range covering all the bases.

Netvio has a common sense easy to follow range of extenders which can send high bandwidth HDMI signals from media devices over dedicated ethernet cable up to distances of 70 meters along with other signal types including power, control, data & audio.

NEW HDBaseT 3.0
40m Extender with eARC


Enjoy an enhanced audio and video experience with 4K60 HDMI 2.0b, HDCP2.2 with HDR for ultra-high definition content supported by eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) to provide maximum immersion through Dolby Atmos® over a single ethernet cable as far away as 40m!

Netvio EX-HT3-4001-10 Exteneder
EX-HT2-4001-10 Features

70m 4K60 HDR ARC LAN HDMI Extender


The EX-HT2-701-10 is a powerful HDBaseT HDMI extender that offers ultra high resolution visuals up to 4K@60Hz (4:4:4), along with Audio Return Channel and LAN support – all over one single Cat5e/6/6a cable. Experience ultimate clarity in your data, video, and audio transmissions!

Netvio EX-HT2-701-10 Feature Icons
Netvio EX-HT2-701-10 Extender.png

40m 4K HDR & ARC


Netvio EX-HT2-403-10 Feature Icons
Netvio EX-HT2-403-10 Extender

Equip your professional setup with this powerful HDBaseT HDMI extender. It provides a simple, efficient solution to access audio and video content up to 40m away while utilizing the Audio Return Channel – allowing you to quickly make connections between TV's and sound systems.

40m 4K HDR



With this HDBaseT HDMI extender, you can extend an ultra-high definition signal up to 40m in numerous AV applications. Enjoy stunning visuals with 4K60 HDR support and control both sides of the connection via two-way infrared or RS232 for a truly integrated experience.

Netvio EX-HT2-402-10 Extender

40m 4K UHD


Netvio EX-HT2-401-10 Feature Icons

Get your professional installation up and running with this HDBaseT HDMI extender. It's perfect for many AV applications, supporting 4K UHD 2 Way Infrared as well as RS-232 control over an impressive 40m distance between sender and receiver.

Netvio EX-HT2-401-10 Extender

40m 1080p 


Netvio EX-TS-400-10 Feature Icons

This budget-friendly 1080p HDMI extender offers the perfect solution for pro users, with an HDCP compliant receiver and transmitter that offer IR control plus a handy loop out feature - all in one easy setup package.

Netvio EX-TS-400-10 Extender
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