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4K60 HDBaseT Video Matrix | Independent

audio routing | ARC capture & Routing.

  • 8x HDMI 2.0b Inputs

  • Supporst up to a maximum of 16 Displays:

  • 4x HDBaseT Outputs supporting 4K60 40m (131ft)

  • 4x HDBaseT Outputs supporting 4K60 70m (231ft)

  • 8x HDMI Mirror Outputs

  • 4x Audio Only Source Inputs

  • Ability to capture & route ARC audio from displays

  • 28x16 Independent Audio Matrix

  • Integrated Network Extension over HDBaseT (Outputs 5-8)

  • Onboard Netvio Go AV control solution

  • Independent analog & digital audio outputs for each zone

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Pixel Perfection

A video quality of 4K 4:4:4 signifies a high level of detail and precision in color representation. This specification denotes full chroma subsampling, ensuring that every pixel retains its complete color information.

Sixty Hertz

A 60Hz higher frame rate enhances the viewing experience, especially in fast-paced scenes, gaming, and multimedia content, resulting in more lifelike and fluid motion on-screen.


Discovery, Configuration, security and management of HDMI, HDBaseT & AVoIP content distribution solutions.


License-free app, provides a compelling alternative to traditional control systems. Reduces cost by 100%.


Build amazing control apps in minutes removing hours and cost of control system programming.

4K to 2K Scaling

Integrating new and legacy equipment, the HT2 Matrix features onboard 4K to 2K scaling. This seamless process automatically adjusts content to the screen capability for a user-friendly experience.

ARC Capture

Overcomes challenges when smart displays become audio sources. Capture audio via HDMI or SPDIF, routing audio to matrix analog and digital outputs for easy connection to distributed audio system.


Ensuring a strong network connection for smart TV displays or resolving unforeseen coverage issues, all without the need for additional cabling.

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