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4K60 HDBaseT Video Matrix |

Numerous output options | 6x audio outputs.

  • 8x HDMI Inputs

  • 2x HDMI Output

  • 4x HDBaseT Outputs supporting 4K60 40m (131ft)

  • 2x HDBaseT Outputs supporting 4K60 70m (231ft)

  • IR Transmit & Receive Ports

  • Stereo audio outputs for zones 3-8

  • Choice of 2 receivers according to features & budget

  • Option 1: RX-HT2-40-10 (40m/131ft 4K60)

  • Option 2: RX-HT2-70-10 (70m/230ft transmission only).

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Netvio's HT2-0806 4K60 HDBaseT AV Matrix is a video-focused powerhouse that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge features with exceptional value for video content distribution. Boasting robust HDBaseT and HDMI output connectivity, it effortlessly handles up to 8 inputs and supports an impressive array of 8 displays. Its mixed outputs capability, coupled with the choice of 2 receiver types, empowers integrators to tailor the system precisely to specifications, minimizing unnecessary costs. Matrix output capabilities range from pure HDMI outputs for localized displays to versatile 4K60 transmission distances ranging from 40m (131ft) to 70m (231ft), or alternatively 2K30 ranges from 70m (231ft) to 100m (331ft) using dedicated Cat6 cabling. Taking command of the entire AV environment, the matrix's integrated AV control system offers control media source inputs, displays and of course video switching. Through NetvioGo AV control it is now possible to control an array of 3rd party audio amplifiers for that complete AV set-up. In contrast, all Netvio products are controllable via traditional control systems. In conclusion, Netvio's HT2 4K60 HDBaseT AV Matrix delivers a comprehensive solution that sets the standard for connectivity, control, and user experience in the audiovisual landscape. Elevate your multimedia setup with the HT2 series, where innovation converges with unbeatable value, providing a seamless combination of advanced features and cutting-edge technology in a compact, powerful package.

Sixty Hertz

A 60Hz higher frame rate enhances the viewing experience, especially in fast-paced scenes, gaming, and multimedia content, resulting in more lifelike and fluid motion on-screen.

Pixel Perfection

A video quality of 4K 4:4:4 signifies a high level of detail and precision in color representation. This specification denotes full chroma subsampling, ensuring that every pixel retains its complete color information.

4K to 2K Scaling

Integrating new and legacy equipment, the HT2 Matrix features onboard 4K to 2K scaling. This seamless process automatically adjusts content to the screen capability for a user-friendly experience.


Discovery, Configuration, security and management of HDMI, HDBaseT & AVoIP content distribution solutions.


License-free app, provides a compelling alternative to traditional control systems. Reduces cost by 100%.


Build amazing control apps in minutes removing hours and cost of control system programming.

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