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Getting Started

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Discovering the Matrix Device

  • If using the web UI use a IP scanning tool to discover the matrix IP address. All Netvio MAC addresses start with 1C:AE to help you identify the correct unit.

  • If using Netvio 360, download & open the software and press the scan for devices button in the centre of the screen.

  • Any available Netvio devices will be listed, and a firmware check will be performed, enabling a single click update to the latest firmware if required.

  • When Ready press ‘Configure’ to enter the matrix web configuration interface and login using the default username and password: admin & password

Naming Inputs & Outputs

  • Once logged in, you'll be greeted with the input and output options.

  • At this stage, you can label your sources and zones by selecting the desired input or output, adding the appropriate labels, and then clicking "apply" to save your changes.

  • This straightforward process allows for efficient customization and organization of your audio-visual setup to meet your specific requirements.

Signal Routing & Testing

  • By clicking the target button, you can route sources to any screen or assign a single source to all screens simultaneously by selecting the "Assign to all targets" option at the top of the outputs section.

  • This feature provides flexibility and ease in managing your audio-visual setup according to your preferences and needs.