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1Gb 4K HDR, 2K30 Multi-Stream Encoder

  • 1Gb 4K HDR, 2K30 PoE Encoder

  • 4K HDR video encoding not surpassing 850Mbs

  • 2K30 Low Bandwidth Real-time-stream-protocol (RTSP) including stereo audio

  • Connected device control via IR, RS-232-CEC

  • Content Plus+ distribution modes, including:

  • Embed live content to digital signage platforms.

  • High-quality 2K30 audio-video decoding through wired and wireless applications (VLC)

  • Personal device streaming with audio and source control using the Netvio Go-AV Control App

  • Capture live content seamlessly for internet broadcasting using live production software.

  • Embedding live content into control interfaces, including Netvio Go-AV Control

  • Analog & Digital Audio encoding

  • Alternative audio content overlay

  • USB Type A connectivity for peripheral device connection.

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Netvio distinguishes itself in the realm of networked AV by spearheading the advancement of multi-stream video encoding technology, setting new benchmarks beyond industry standards. Its state-of-the-art AVoIP solutions seamlessly transmit 4K HDR content across conventional 1Gb networks, ensuring minimal latency. Innovatively, Netvio introduces the unique Content Plus+ feature, which introduces a distinct 2K30 stream facilitated by Real-time Stream Protocol (RTSP). This breakthrough enables simultaneous streaming to various applications, including digital signage, live streaming platforms, and wireless software decoding. This functionality extends even to mobile devices through the NetvioGo AV Control application. Netvio's solutions are meticulously crafted for effortless integration with a diverse array of control systems and networking products. This design ethos ensures the delivery of a comprehensive and adaptable AV experience, meeting the dynamic demands of modern multimedia environments.


Netvio ContentPlus+ revolutionizes distribution with advanced multi-stream encoders, enabling seamless delivery of high-quality, low-bandwidth content across devices and platforms using real-time-stream-protocol (RTSP) capabilities.

AVoIP Workhorse

Installed into many thousands of successful projects, this 4K HDR video platform has been the work horse of the AVoIP industry for many years. Renowned for its vibrant video quality, Netvio’s JP4 range can deliver exceptional performance at an affordable budget.

Video Walls

Enjoy effortless setup with our 16x16 video wall support, offering both landscape and portrait modes with adjustable bezels. Our top-notch software interface ensures a seamless experience. Plus, clients get user control and ultra-high-quality real-time preview streaming for maximum immersion.

Control Routing

Netvio simplifies installations by providing advanced control system drivers that independently route IR, RS-232 signals, CEC & USB, separate from audio and video. This often eliminates the necessity for additional display-side control boxes, streamlining the setup process.

USB Extension

Connect your peripheral devices using JP4 devices and you'll be able to create an interactive environment for all of those whiteboards, touch screens or other host computer enabled features. This high-speed USB 2.0 embedded feature provides ultra-fast performance with scalable convenience.


Discovery, Configuration, security and management of HDMI, HDBaseT & AVoIP content distribution solutions.


License-free app, provides a compelling alternative to traditional control systems. Reduces cost by 100%.


Build amazing control apps in minutes removing hours and cost of control system programming.

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