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NETVIO Simplifies AVoIP Complexity

Forget the traditional complexities of IP video installations and remove anxiety and questions such as how does HDMI over Ethernet work?

Netvio has developed a solution that promises maximum flexibility with zero configuration with its new IP-SW-24P-10 AVoIP specific network switch.

Netvio offers a comprehensive plug 'n' play end-to-end system perfect for smaller scale HDMI media content distribution over IP networks. Through advanced hardware and software design you can streamline your setup with no complex changes to laptops and totally eliminating network switch configuration.

The user experience is further enhanced by Netvio's control applications for Apple and Android devices offering 1080p high frame rate preview streams that ensure smooth operation as one complete unit: encoders, decoders, network and control - why would you consider anything else?

For larger, more complex systems Netvio has you covered - providing complete documentation and support for a range of Network switch manufacturers including Cisco, Draytek & Arakins. Netvio's helpful product specialists are available to answer any questions along the way ensuring dealer setups will be as smooth sailing as possible!

Reach out directly to arrange an online meeting with one of Netvio's product specialists.

Download the end-client Netvio Control applications straight to your mobile device and start using the new demo mode providing application examples such as corporate, hospitality, luxury travel and residential - no purchase necessary.


What is AVoIP or Networked HD?

AV over IP is revolutionizing the way high quality content is distributed, allowing for efficient and cost-effective transmission of audio/visual HDMI media content data over common 1Gb IP networks. This technology opens up possibilities that were previously unimaginable, providing newfound flexibility in how we share and view distributed content.

Why is Netvio Different?

Netvio's 4K HDR AV over Ethernet solution is the ultimate in video networking. It provides a complete end-to-end system for applications of all types and sizes, with unparalleled performance and value. Netvio's end-to-end solution includes encoders, decoders, controller, network switch and end-client user control via apple and android devices.


Who are Netvio?

The founders of Netvio have decades of experience in the HDMI signal distribution industry now embarking on a new journey as a high service orientated boutique style organization shaking up the AV industry with their cutting edge hardware, innovative software & unique control applications.

Netvio provides high quality, scalable audio, video, software & control solutions tailored to the needs of luxury residential, hospitality, corporate and more. Specialized AV hardware unlocks mass distribution of the latest HDMI media sources in the highest possible resolutions over various network types.

Netvio is challenging the status quo of conglomerate players who limit variety and personal service. Going beyond tradition, Netvio puts real value at the heart of projects as well as making complex systems easier for both pro-installers and end-users alike. 

Netvio | Always aiming to simplify the complex world of everything audio visual!


Contact Netvio


Telephone: +44 (0) 800 464 7445


Telephone: +1-833-720-0637


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