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Netvio extends a huge thank you to everyone who visited us!

June 12-14 | Las Vegas Convention Center

Netvio had an exceptionally successful InfoComm 2024, attracting a diverse audience of both domestic and international visitors.

"We are thrilled with the enthusiastic reception of our latest AVoIP solutions," remarked Derek Hulbert. "The feedback from both US and international attendees has been overwhelmingly positive, reinforcing our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology that enhances the AV experience."

At the forefront of the event, Managing Director Derek Hulbert engaged with Rave Pubs to discuss exciting advancements in AVoIP solutions. Netvio showcased a range of innovative products, software updates, and highlighted numerous value-added benefits that come standard across their AV over IP offerings.

Netvio Talks End-to-End AV-Over-IP Solutions and the new TS-13-10 13" PoE Touch Screen.


Derek Hulbert elaborated on the advantages of Netvio's multi-stream encoders, emphasizing their ability to revolutionize content distribution beyond traditional black box decoders.

"At Netvio, our multi-stream encoders offer unparalleled flexibility in content distribution," explained Derek Hulbert. "They empower users to explore diverse applications beyond the constraints of conventional decoding methods."

This innovation opens up new possibilities across various industries, from entertainment and education to corporate environments, promising enhanced efficiency and performance in AV solutions.

Derek Hulbert explains more about Multi-Stream, ContentPlus+, RTSP

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