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Netvio adds MVP to already impressive Extender Line-Up

Netvio releases its first HDBaseT3.0 extender (EX-HT3-4001-10) with laser focus on the highest quality 4K60 4:4:4 uncompressed video quality, supporting up to 48 channels of digital audio and support for enhanced audio return (eARC).

What is HDBaseT 3.0 and what are its features?

HDBaseT 3.0 is the latest iteration of an uncompressed, multimedia transmission technology that boasts a host of powerful features designed to achieve multi-room audio/video distribution with crystal clear picture and sound quality - making it ideal for business applications or home entertainment systems alike!

Why should you consider using HDBaseT 3.0?

Certain applications strive for the best quality on the market either through the type of content being delivered, target audiences or the significant investment clients put into their display panel choices.

Over existing solutions, HDBaseT3.0 delivers more uncompressed bandwidth, therefore has the ability to support extra features including up to 48 channels of multi-channel audio and the increasing popular standard of enhanced audio return (eARC).

How do I wire up for HDBaseT3.0?

Cabling for the EX-HT3-4001-10 is pretty easy. It uses a dedicated category cable (Cat6) of up to 40m (131ft) finished each end with RJ45 connectors wired to T-568B standards. All Netvio extenders come with all accessories in the box.

Not quite what I am looking for? No worries! Visit to see the full range of extenders.


Who are Netvio?

The founders of Netvio have decades of experience in the HDMI signal distribution industry now embarking on a new journey as a high service orientated boutique style organization shaking up the AV industry with their cutting-edge hardware, innovative software & unique control applications.

Netvio provides high quality, scalable audio, video, software & control solutions tailored to the needs of luxury residential, hospitality, corporate and more. Specialized AV hardware unlocks mass distribution of the latest HDMI media sources in the highest possible resolutions over various network types.

Netvio is challenging the status quo of conglomerate players who limit variety and personal service. Going beyond tradition, Netvio puts real value at the heart of projects as well as making complex systems easier for both pro-installers and end-users alike. 

Netvio | Always aiming to simplify the complex world of everything audio visual!


Contact Netvio


Telephone: +44 (0) 800 464 7445


Telephone: +1-833-720-0637



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