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8x8 HDMI | HDBaseT Switcher with Control

8x8 | HDBaseT | 40m (70m) 4K/60 HDR | 70m (100m) 1080p | 4K/1080p scaling | ARC | mirror HDMIs | Ethernet (OPs 5-8), audio inputs, 28x16 audio matrix | Onboard Control System

Netvio Control APP
Netvio MX-HT2-0808-10
Netvio MX-HT2-0808-10
Netvio MX-HT2-0808-10
Netvio Control4 Driver Support
Netvio Crestron Driver Support
Netvio RTI Driver Support
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Not all 4K is the same

Netvio's powerful and reliable 4K60 video matrix offers the highest resolution with superior quality for professional installation. Don't settle for inferior solutions that offer low-grade performance at a lower cost - Netvio guarantees exceptional compatibility over secure, dedicated ethernet cabling.

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OPs 5-8 | 70m 4K HDR

With the MX-HT2-0808, no installation obstacle is too great to overcome. Boasting an impressive 70m output cable and networking extension capabilities, this product ensures maximum quality preservation even in tough situations - all from outputs 5 to 8!

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Multi Room Audio Matrix

The MX-HT2-0808-10 offers an effective solution for improving your profits and eliminating the need of a costly external audio matrix. This tool provides all the essential sound switching features you require, with none of the additional costs!

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4 Source Audio Pre-Amp

Save time and resources with the MX-HT2-0808-10 audio preamplifier. This versatile device offers you solutions for both your audio and video requirements, allowing you to boost your revenues without having to splurge on separate equipment!

Netvio Elan Driver Support
Netvio Savant Driver Support
Netvio Demopad Driver Support
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Capture & Distribute

Installers get a much-needed benefit with the MX-HT2-0808 10. Easily capture, route and enjoy your screen app's audio all through one device - no stress or hassle needed! Check out this breakthrough product to see how it can simplify connect to your audio system.

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HDMI Mirror, Mirror ......

Enjoy the convenience of connecting multiple devices to your viewing experience with Netvio's MX-HT2-0808-10. This innovative product features HDMI mirror outputs, giving you the ability to add additional screens without any added expense – perfect for AVRs and creating a an expansive media solution.

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4K to 1080p Scaling

With the MX-HT2-0808-10, you can effectively maximize your customer's viewing experience by utilizing our precision scaling technology. Avoiding any bulky converters often associated with compatibility issues between 4K and 1080p displays, this tech guarantees a seamless transition that produces visually stunning results every time.

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10-Year Warranty Option

With our industry-leading 5 year standard warranty, you don't have to settle for just the basics. Upgrade your protection with a 10% increase and get up to an entire decade of worry-free coverage! Take advantage of our special SafeGuard warranty agreement today.


Why Netvio?

See what Netvio provides that  competing solutions may not. Netvio always aims to provide the best value end-to-end audio video solution.

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Netvio Arcam Support
Netvio Yamaha Support
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Includes new demo mode.
Download Now

Netvio Control offers a new standard in client-side AV control with its ease and simplicity, using the latest in user interface design. 

See how easy managing AV systems has become when using Netvio's innovative control software platform


Get started by using the Apple | Android App today. No purchase necessary.

Netvio Control includes pre-configured library full motion images to simulate previews on all HDBaseT, HDMI switcher models. Full live previews available on JP4 AVoIP series.

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Industry Leading Discovery & Installation Software

Configuration software makes it easier to manage and configure the entire system without the need for significant IT expertise.

Netvio Freesat Support
Netvio Phillips Support
Netvio TCL Support
Netvio Integra Support
Netvio Bang & Olufsen Support



3 Options

Select based on budget, specific function requirements or transmission distance. All the options are there.


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40m 4K60 HDR


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40m 4K60 HDR
with ARC


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70m 4K60 HDR
with ARC & LAN


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Netvio Panasonic Support
Netvio Humax Support
Netvio Oppo Support
Netvio Denon Support
Netvio Kaleidescape Support
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