Detached head HDMI optical | Uncompressed 18Gb 4K/60 HDR, LSZH, with ARC, CEC, Ethernet.

20m | EX-HC-24-D-20 | 30m | EX-HC-24-D-30

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Product Description

20m, 30m cables lengths

  • Detached head, installation version.

  • 18Gb 4K/60 HDR HDMI2.0b standard.

  • Multi-Channel digital audio support.

  • HDCP2.2 support.

  • Low smoke, Zero halogen jacket material.

  • EMI resistent signal integrity.

  • No power injection required.

Clear product labelling for correct install orientation. Please follow carefully.

Delivering uncompressed 4K/60 HDR using Active Optical Cable (AOC). 

Detached head 20m & 30m Plug 'n' play solution.

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Pure HDMI providing the latest high speed signal transfer between media source & display with all the latest ARC, CEC & Ethernet embedded features.

High Speed HDMI

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Cable jacket manufactured with low smoke, non toxic halogens when exposed to fire or high temperatures. Safety is a priority.

Low Smoke
Zero Halogen

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